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Use Tiles for New Countertops & Backsplash in Your Valley Kitchen

In addition to flooring, our tile expertise can also be used elsewhere in your home. Roysons’ can use tiles to create a beautiful new countertop or backsplash in your Annapolis Valley kitchen. You’re sure to love the durability as well as the aesthetic appeal of tile as there are hundreds of colors to choose from. Not to mention the tiles can be laid to create a geometric pattern or border, making your kitchen truly unique. If you’re ready to learn more about using tile for either of these projects, give us a call . We can answer any questions and get started on your design today.

Have you ever considered using porcelain or another tile as a kitchen countertop? It may sound like a strange idea, but it’s definitely an option to consider during your renovation process. You’ll love that tile is scratch, stain and burn resistant to stand up to the everyday wear and tear of an average home kitchen. Our large tile sizes will give you the option to have fewer grout joints. Not to mention joints can be sealed to prevent staining.

Backsplashes have become a necessity in the modern kitchen. Not only do they look great, but they also protect the wall from grease when cooking and from water when washing dishes. Both water and grease can do significant damage to drywall, leaving it stained, grimy, or worse. A backsplash eliminates all of these issues, protecting your wall and preventing you from having to repaint under cabinets. We offer a variety of designs and inlaid options to create unique patterns or you can go with a simple, classic look. Either way you’re sure to love your new backsplash.

Durable Porcelain Countertops

Beautifully Crafted Backsplashes

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