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Are you ready to start your home improvement project? Whether you are installing new floors, creating a new bathroom space or renovating your kitchen, the team at Roysons’ is here to help. Read testimonials from our past clients to learn more about what we can do for you and the superior service we provide. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and speak to a member of our team.

Money Well Spent

To the folks at Roysons;

Thank you for the splendid job on my new house in Wolfville. The vinyl looks great and so seamless that several people have spent time trying to decide whether the floor covering is tile or vinyl. Thank you for completing the extra vinyl job on the basement just before moving day. I love the cork in the kitchen – it’s great underfoot and hides dirt, too. I have never liked tile much, but Marcus changed my mind. The mudroom floor is terrific, complete with build-in boot tray and drain. Marcus was a joy to work with and I’m delighted with the way the bathroom tile and stone turned out. I was getting compliments on it from other workers finishing the house – and they’ve seen a lot of bathrooms. I had always wanted a “real” hardwood floor and I’m especially pleased that my beautiful floor is a Nova Scotia product. It’s almost too nice to cover with furniture (thank you, Brian).

I appreciated that everyone scheduled came on time and cleaned up afterward. It was all excellent work and money well spent. You’re welcome to use my name as a reference anytime. Thank you again for the job well done.


— Susan (Wolfville)

Tile Pattern

Very Pleased


Thank you for your excellent work refinishing the floors in my older home. I am very pleased with the results. Special thanks for purchasing my choice of vinyl flooring from another company, since the flooring blends very well with the fixtures and wall colors already in place.

Since I have been responsible for maintaining wood floors in my homes over many years and have also refinished some, I tend to be very fussy and probably more difficult to please than your average customer! I was especially pleased that you are able to repair the old and currently unused air vents. Your workers took the effort to find wood of the same width and to “peel back” sections of old flooring so that the new pieces were integrated to create an “original flooring” rather than a “patched flooring” effect. The overall quality of your work exceeds earlier repairs done a number of years before I purchased the house.

Since I had closed my home office for a week and it was essential that I return to work as planned, I appreciate the fact that your workers were willing to come in on a Saturday morning when things fell behind schedule. Your workers were also polite, neat and careful, features that any homeowner certainly appreciates.

We will likely due business again in future years when I get around to remodeling my old kitchen.

Yours sincerely,

— Jean (Kentville)

Tile Pattern

Meticulous & Expert Workmanship

To management and staff,

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with our entire experience in purchasing our ceramic tile floor from Roysons’.

Tony was especially helpful and informative when it came to choosing the tile, and very prompt when it came time to measure our floor area.

But we would in particular like to commend the two gentlemen who came to install the ceramic tile. We were a little nervous about the whole thing because of the permanency of ceramic tile, but one closeup look at the workmanship was enough to reassure us that they were meticulous, indeed expert at their craft.

The overall look of the tile is beautiful. Very seldom do we go to this extent to express our satisfaction over a purchase, but in this case we really have had a good experience in making a major purchase.

Thank you all.

— Terry & Ineke (Annapolis Royal)

Tile Pattern
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